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Coffee Table 37 - Lamtoro (45-52cm Live Edge x 10cm, Height: 45cm)

Coffee Table 37 - Lamtoro (45-52cm Live Edge x 10cm, Height: 45cm)

SKU: ct-37-lamtoro

This very unique and exotic coffee table is made from a Single Slab of Lamtoro Gung (Giant Leucanea) which is an extremely rare wood. Because it was created from a fallen Lamtoro Gung tree that is more than 70 years old. It takes so many years for this type of wood tree to grow. It is an extra hard wood and has so beautiful deep grain. From the type of tree and its very old age, it has so many cambium circles forming a very beautiful texture and pattern.


The dimensions of this table are 45cm-52cm (17.7"- 20.5") in diameter (live edge) x 45cm (17.7") in height and the table top is 10cm (3.9") in thickness, and 16.3 kilograms in weight. We finished the table top in a matte lacquer finish with dof and clear water based. So its natural beauty becomes very visible and clear. We custom made hair pin legs in solid steel and a matte black color. If you want taller and/or smaller, or different colour of hair pin leg, let us know.


This product is perfect for the interior of your home, hotel, restaurant, cafe, or for some kind of gift for your family, colleagues, or special friends. Good design is for everyone. and solid wood has an almost perfect and exotic beauty.

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