Bench 1 - Ganitri Wood (40-50cm Live Edge x 210cm, Height: 39cm)

Bench 1 - Ganitri Wood (40-50cm Live Edge x 210cm, Height: 39cm)

SKU: be-1-ganitri

This is a very unique, very rare and very special piece. Replicating this bench will be very difficult, because we need very significant time to get source a piece of wood to have like this. This bench is created from a fallen Ganitri tree that has more then 100 years old.


It is a wooden monolith, without joints and without nails or metals or anything. This is a piece of fallen Ganitri tree that are more than 100 years old. Its formation is from a trunk and branch that form a bend or curve as shown in the photo.


Beauty can be seen on the entire surface of the bench, for those that can be sat on are made smooth while others are made rough and natural. The texture is very beautiful and part of the bench is natural and exotic. We finished the bench in a matte lacquer finish with dof and clear water based. So its natural beauty becomes very visible and clear.


This product is perfect for the interior of your home, apartment, hotel, restaurant, cafe, or for some kind of gift for your family, colleagues, or special friends. Good design is for everyone. and solid wood has an almost perfect and exotic beauty.