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History & Philosophy

Starting from our love of nature, and to understand that nature has the perfect beauty, we decide to start making furniture from solid wood. In the very beginning, we made furniture ourself for our home and villa since 2012. Starting in early 2021 we offer it to all of you who are interested, need and/or love it.


Exoticsolidwood is a family company based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, from a father who is an architect, the eldest son is an artist/painter, and the third daughter is a product designer. We have jointly build this business to provide many kinds of furniture from various types of solid wood.


One thing that has become our principle: we only use fallen trees, have died or been cut down due to the danger or damage for the people and built environment. Sometime we get or buy raw materials from families, friends, other people or company. We also understand and really believe that solid wood is always unique for each and has perfect beauty, because wood is one of God creature as mentioned in Koran Surah Al-Waqi'ah 72 :  "Is it you who produce its trees, or is it We Who do so?"

We hope that our products are suitable for your home, apartment, cafe, restaurant, villa, hotel, resort, glamping, etc. We also accept customized orders by type, shape, size, and finishing method of the product. Our workshop is in northern part of Bandung City and we can deliver to worldwide. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries. Thank you.

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